The Yearn To Speak

The things in my life I could tell you

Then I ask myself does it really matter?

If a person doesn’t go through

Not of my hands

Can never walk in my shoes

Yet I feel the yearn to speak

Telling another my dues

Is the mistake that’s often

Made me a fool

Giving information to another

In the end to be used

To that persons satisfaction

What was the face of reason

Is now stabbing me in the back laughing

As the audience on the sidelines clapping

Is the only distraction from this hate

Anger is an understatement

Sadness is forever misplaced

As I look back on the date

Not sure of the time

Regretting the utterance of feelings

That should have stayed mine

The mysteries of my inner being

Shall remain undefined

For trust is a luxury I cannot afford

In this transparent world


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