Proclaimed innocence abolished her burden

Downed in desire

Boundaries devour, what she assumed

Was her power

Doomed to destruction

Divine departure

Enchantment of her structure

Recollections of understandings


As in confusion she mumbles

The walls about her crumble

She ceased to exist

There’s something she has missed

With one final look

To see that last glimpse

As she looks back in time

And realized there was something undefined

Enclosed in her own mind

Emerged from all times

As she looks around in despair

Only to realize

She didn’t belong anywhere

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Wrote This Poem In The 11th Grade. After My Teacher Read It, She Had The Class Decipher It's Meaning.... At 17 or 18 I Impressed An Adult With My Thoughts, And Stumped My Entire English Class....I Still Smile At The Memory

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