Environments Of Society

Blood spreads

Thoughts roam through your head

Willing to kill

To get a piece of bread


In order to survive

More than one way to get it

But chose to struggle and strive

Willing to die

Another mother cries

Not valuing your own

Or another humans life

As you plant your seed

Out comes another

In which society breeds

Not fulfilling the needs

From the beginning

Is where they start

Not even in this world

Already falling apart

Already corrupt

Feeding upon greed

With enough food

But not enough to feed

The need, the want

In which they can’t have

By all means you get it

Destroying a path

As you lead

The people that follow


A notions or a glace

Everyday they live

Is another chance

Can they make that change

Coming into a world

Only to bring pain

Which is the life you lead?

Parents of a society

In which the environment


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