Some say life is what you make it

But never said

Life situations could take it

As I looked at all these faces

Gave me a new sight

Yet I will never know

What its like to live their life

Only through what they write

And the way each of them speaks

All in the same situation

Yet unique

Trying to maintain

Surrounded in an environment

Where one can’t show pain

Doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real

Portraying a person

Who doesn’t know how to feel

Not knowing what to express

Anger, pain, and aggression

To them is an outlet

Still not out yet

Confided to a small space

Living up to their life’s mistakes

Everyday is their sorrow

Awaiting the date to see

The outside of tomorrow

Somehow brought me a sorrow

In which I can relate

Knowing life can’t

Fast forward, rewind, or be erased

Wondering how I would have felt

In the situation they lived themselves

As they spoke how it truly feels

Can’t explain, or obtain a notion

To my imaginary

Is their real

As in their words

they expressed

Through hardships and darkness

Their freedom through writing

Is a gift

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Wrote This Poem During My Internship At Teen Talk Radio. We Went to Riker's Island To Interview A Panel Of Inmates. After The Interview Some Of The Inmates Expressed Their Thoughts Through Poetry For An Hour Long Session... I Will Never Forget That Day. It Gave Me A Different Perspective On The Lives Of People I've Often Prejudged.

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