The Dating Game

You say that you love me

And lot’s of other things

You say that I am your diamond

So I don’t need a ring

Some things are needed in life

That you can’t buy

When something’s aren’t said

Silence makes you cry

How can you love me

And all those things

When words escape your mouth

What do the really mean??

( A player’s mentality)

Yeah I love you

Of course you’re my wife

These are the things I have to tell her

So she can stay in my life

When I know I live trif’

She ain’t my main squeeze

Just the other day

I had some girl on her knees

Yeah I’m a player

So what I lied

Just another bitch

That I made cry

But that’s my life

And who I be

Bark like a dog

Sniff a girl life a tree

Lift up my leg

Pissed on her like grass….

That nigga thought

I was stupid

I got something for his ass

Thinking I was a chicken

Another girl in the flock

As you go from girl to girl

Looking at your watch

You come around my way

Kicking the same ol’ same

Thinking something sweet

He ain’t the only one

With game

I know you be plottin’

But I got my own scheme

Doin’ what I do

Without getting on my knees

This game has a chart

Everyone plays a role

Slip up on your lines

And you got to pay the toll

As I roll with the next

And just to spite

Dated your right hand man

As you fight on the ave.

Cause you thought ya’ll was fam’

This game is a place

You shouldn’t put your heart

Where men and women

Deceive from the start

Anger, lust, distrust, and pain

As you do unto the other

So they can feel the same

Where a man thinks

He posses power over a girl

When a women gave birth

And brought that boy into this world

As they play this game

To take what the other has

Only to bring destruction

As they cross each others path

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Poem Was Written In 1999.

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