Move On

Heart drops

Blood stops flowing

Didn’t know until then

The second it was told in

A statement without a cause

Caught up in a situation

In which you don’t belong

Come to find out you aren’t that strong

All this time you were wrong

Thought from the past I was detached

Yet a single word snatched

My breath away

What I’d forgotten about

Returned to my conscious state

Repeating my yesterdays

Emotions delay the healing process

Returned to the start is

Revisiting  past pain

Becoming a prisoner

Victimized by loves claim

In what it cannot provide

As my heart slows

Emotions unload

I took a deep breath & sighed

I may have been wrong

But not a single tear

Was shed from my eye

Letting me know

The process is slow

I mustn’t cry

Until the day that I die

I must go on and live


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