Unspoken Truth

“Free at last, free at last,
Thank God almighty
We are free at last”

Martin Luther King, had a dream
The speech he delivered, Gave inspiration and gleam
But to know one’s history, What would those lines
Really mean:

We’ll we ever be free
Because if we were, In this land ,We wouldn’t be
Crossed over by sea, In chains
Beaten and tormented, stripped to shame
Taken to plains and fields
Wondering where we came from
Ever exist or even real
Watching our people, Get slaughtered and killed
Was our pain
How you striped us of our name
Culture and dignity
How you made us into slaves, The lowest of living things
Was our pain
Giving birth to their children, Still being enslaved
At the tender age of three
As long as they could walk, That’s all mass-a could see
For to them we went nothing
We were less then human being’s

For thousands of years, 80 million of my people died
For thousands of years, It is only my people who have cried
Who tears have dried, Nothing of them remains
But pictures, scars, nooses, and chains
By bringing them here, What have they gained
As I ask those who brought us here
Have no shame, Only greed
Twisting history so to others
It is misconceived

We must look upon the past, To know what was done
To us throughout history, cannot be overcomed
What gives us hope, Inspiration and gleam
Should be more then just a dream
But to see:

Living upon a land
One doesn’t come from
We’ll never
Be free

Written By: LaToya S.C. “2000”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem in 2001 after reading a few chapters from the book, The blackholocaust.  for my internship at Teen Talk Radio for our black history month show.

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