The sorrows of an invisible women

Am I invisible?

That's what I need to know,

Is it by choice?

Is it unknown?

Is it that I'm not good enough?

Is it that you have better things in life?

Or am I just exaggerating,

And picking a fight,

Am i worthy of a dogs attention?

Or do you just keep throwing me

Like a bone,

But that's okay,

because I know now,

That nothing ever matter,

Especially about me,

You may fool others,

With your pics and post, 

But  I will always know,

So I'll wait,

Wait till you see,

The one you should be watching,

Is me,

And the one you are watching,

Is you,

And that one day I wont be there,

For you to ignore me anymore,

Because I'll find happiness,

Even if it's death,



But Atleast,

Atleast I will have some one,

Who loves me,

And she is me!



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