Loving you

My songs

Ever since you came to my life

Everything was beautiful

Oh, you taught me how to be strong

Fight through all the rain and storm

You’re always there, you stood by my side

Never tried to leave me behind

You make sure that I am always fine

In this life you are my guide

Loving you was the best thing I ever did

Your holding me, kissing me and making things so real

In sunshine, night time, all day you are mine

Boy you are the best thing

The best thing in my life

(And loving you makes everything alright)

Rainy days now full of sunshine

The night sky is filled with stars

Gray colored streets now brightly

Painted with neon lights

Baby I guess I’d get lousy

Once I lose you by my side

‘coz you’re the one who makes me steady

you give me reason to fight

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