Moving on

My songs

Every night

I try to fight away my fears

But everything seems so clear

I’m not as strong as I used to be

Since you were gone

The lonely day

You decided you had to go away

You said suddenly everything’s changed

We both have to go on our own

That lonely day

Oh I prayed to God to hold you back

Make you change your mind and realize

That you still love me

But God still let you go,

I don’t know

What he planned for me

For you can see


(I’ll be moving on)

All alone

Struggling to fight my loneliness

Everyday the road grows long

I can’t seem to find my way

All alone

Struggling to survive

God gave me time to bind

I’m resting, fighting on my own

I know you’re not coming back

But I can live

You’ll see…

I will survive

Though still at night I do cry

It’s part of the stages of life

But soon it’ll end I know

I’ll move on

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