Sestina of a dreamy princess

English poems

All dressed in a long pink, beaded gown so pretty

My tiara glistening atop my shiny black hair

My glass slippers so shiny, Cinderella would sigh

I’m ready to ride my carriage off to a magical night

Where princes and princesses would be dancing away

And I shall be the prettiest princess in sight

In the dark night, the palace is far off sight

But still I see the sky is so pretty

From the still shining stars I couldn’t look away

As the wind gushed and almost crumpled my hair

Nothing will ruin this perfect night

I have prayed so long that I stood and sigh

The carriage pulled to a stop, the foot soldier sigh

At the foot of the palace, so many soldiers in sight

A welcome band, their trumpets sounding in the night

I paused and looked at the mirror to check if I’m pretty

I smiled contented and I fixed the tiara on my hair

And I stepped down the carriage to dance the night away

As my name was mentioned, my carriage pulled away

The palace door opened, as I stepped in there were some sigh

I looked around, showing of my shiny hair

Hoping a handsome prince would come to my sight

As I passed the princesses in the hall, they were pretty

But still I will not let them ruin my night

Then there at the corner I saw him in the night

The prince who looked like from a land far away

He smiled and came near “Oh princes you’re so pretty”

I felt my cheek blushed, I couldn’t speak stead sigh

Then I have forgotten of the royals in sight

For he asked me to dance in a flip of my hair

Outside the palace, we dance, the wind brushing my hair

I felt like I don’t want an end to this night

Then I heard the clock sound, I saw 12 at my sight

The I felt someone kissing my cheek and as I pulled away

“Little princess wake up its breakfast time” at the soft voice I gave a sigh

I looked down and I am no longer the princess so pretty

Mommy was brushing my hair as she smiled and looked away

It was morning, no longer night, I fixed my bed and made a sigh

With mommy’s wide smile in sight, she kissed me “Dreams over little pretty”

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