Just another day

My songs

Just another rainy day

Just another day and I’m late again

Just another day and I haven’t had any caffeine

Just another day in my life

Just another cloudy day

Just another day and I’m all alone

Just another day and I lost again

In this game of love

But I won’t sulk and sit aside

And let your thought bug me all day

I won’t let you into my head

I will try to understand

Just cry a few and then again

In a minute when it sinks

I guess it’s just another day

Another day

Soon it’ll pass away

Just another lonely day

Lost a game and still I fight

Doesn’t mean I’ve given up on me

‘coz I’ve got a life

It’s just another crazy day

It’s nothing no caffeine can’t fix

And later when the sun sets on me

I’ll be over you

I won’t stumble and fall

I won’t let you see me crumbling down

‘coz this time I’ll be strong

I will let you see

I can carry on

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