Like mother like daughter

English poems

Mommy please see

My knee is hurting

Will you please kiss it for me

Go to the bathroom

Wash up your wound

Bandage it and go to your room

Mommy I’m sleepy

Let me hear your voice

Would you please read me a story?

Go to the shelf

get your pillows and blanket

You’re old, you can sleep by yourself

Mommy hear this

I got a medal today

I got honors, isn’t it a bliss?

Check all the locks

Stay inside the house

And put that metal in the box!

School for free

I got a scholarship mom

I can finally finish a degree

Get a work instead

Help me with the bills

That way we’d go better ahead

Years passed by

They went on with their lives

No letters received any reply

Then came December

the women were old

Only then did one remember

Child, I am old

I need a doctor and more

Would you come, I need your hold

Sorry there’s work

I can’t drop by your home

Send me the bills and I’ll send my clerk

Child I am ill

I don’t think I will last

I’d like to see before my will

O I’d love to

But I’m due to marry

I’ll send someone to see you through

A short time it was

No hello nor goodbye

Soon the other did pass

Tears from their eyes

Though apart, they cried

Silent forgiveness I surmise

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