My Christmas Wish

English poems

This early in the year

I would tell you what I wish

So you can prepare your pockets soon

There’s not much that I want

Maybe accessories or junks

Or maybe the more useful ones

Well let see the first thing

I would need next year

With the demands of a lifestyle change

With my work and all

I guess I have to say

That I need a car or sort

But the fuel price

Is just so very high

I guess I’ll settle for cards to ride

So the next thing maybe

A new cellular phone

So the clients can contact me

But a new phone would mean

A new risk in the scene

With burglaries all around

So I guess I’ll settle

For a blouse and skirt

The gypsy look that’s in today

But with all my fats

Building up again

I don’t think the look would fit me

I think accessories would do

Like a bracelet or two

But my daughters would just surely break ‘em

O this Christmas list

Is just getting long

But I can’t seem to make up my mind

I guess I’ll tell the truth

There really isn’t much

That I need in my life right now

Just to keep my kids well

For the next year’s affairs

Make sure they’re happy as they cross this year

And having you to greet me

And my kids on that day

Would be enough a gift for me!

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