It's life, your choice

English poems

There are choices for you

When you want it to go

Count the months or weeks

Before deciding so

Within the first eight weeks

They may vacuum it out

Or they may cut it to pieces

then they’d suck it, no doubt

Before the eighteenth week

They may use the steel

Grasp a little part of the body

broken back bone ends the deal

Or salt poison injection

Which may corrode the skin

In just 24 hours of waiting

It’ll come and go straight to the bin

When now in sixth month

There’s chemical prostaglandin

Forces contraction and decapitates

Then it becomes a has been

Or the cord may be cut inside

Cutting off its oxygen supply

Suffocating it or remove it

Either which, it surely dies

Lots of options you can choose from

But there’s one more thing for consideration

If you can’t feed it – there’s still a choice

There’s always the option of adoption

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