Do you know?

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Do you know how it is to be cut so deep?

Slice an onion and see blood in one strip?

Blood keeps on flowing and you just can’t cease?

No meds in sight or even bandage strips?

Do you know how it is to fall from 20 feet high?

Hoping someone’s down there with arms open wide

As you open your eyes to look at who it is…

There’s nothin’ there, but empty stretch

Do you know how it is to die in silence?

Inside a hole six feet under man’s feet?

Be cried upon by hypocrites?

Who made a hero out of you now that you don’t breathe?

Do you know how it is to be left alone?

Be stabbed in the heart but still beat so strong?

To be poisoned by gas but still can breathe?

To hate so deep and still forgive?

No I don’t think so…

I don’t suppose so…

You’ll never know

That’s all I knew and will ever know

In this prison walls that I can’t destroy

This belief in me that I hold on to

Accept my fate and let grief go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written early last month :) and was made into a song instantly :)

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