My songs

Make up of different colors

Paints my face and hide the truth

Behind those laughter and smile

There is the saddest truth

All of you think I’m jolly

I joke and laugh all the time

And when you are near

You think problems are far

The laughing and smiling person’s not me

Behind those clowning all you see are tears

Empty is what you’ll find inside of me

There’s nothing else there…a pretending freak

You all think I’m the clown

Who makes all people laugh

Happy I paint the town

And red’s the color I’m fond

Behind the make up I wear

Even the curly hair

There’s nothing else inside me

Just a frightened child is left

I cannot let it out

I can’t reveal the truth

Expectations much too high

I can’t make them feel good

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I made during my last year in highschool.  I have put a tune to this one

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