Greed for insanity

English poems

Her hands clasped the bar so tightly

As her fearful eyes looked far away

She was rocking to and fro slowly

Humming a nameless tune as she sway

She used to be a beautiful lady

To heal was her most ardent dream

Gave her life’s work to her family

Mothers were her stream

But society’s sins got the better of her

Greed crawled up to her soul

Her eyes twinkled at that one offer

Of thousands for a heartless goal

At the site of the digits she realized

Wealth is not far with this service

Like an addiction she compromised

Everything in her practice

But time has its way of playing

Hell pulled her to its abyss

Soon she was like a snake hoping

That some new bitch follows  the hiss

But she crossed the end of the line

Not the authority but her sanity’s hand

Crying angels filled her nights

Later she no longer could stand

Now her hands clasped the bars so tightly

As her fearful eyes looked far away

For she couldn’t stand the cries nightly

of the souls that she did prey

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