Let me be

My songs

Look I’m moving on

I hear you’re now in town

And that you want to see me now

Oohh I wonder why

‘coz baby I don’t think it’s safe

that I should see your eyes again

for I am trying hard to survive

ooh I’m moving on



Just let be me for now



I want to be away (from you)

I don’t think it’s fair

That you will come today

When you have left so long ago

And I don’t think you care

How much pain I felt

When you went away

Do you really think?

That I would let you fill me in

When you have left like you don’t care

Oooh I don’t wanna hear

D’you think of me as a fool

To let you in again

When you have caused me so much pain

Whatever love I feel

It’s not enough you see

For me to let you back again

So look now step aside

I’ve taken over my dreary life

And now I’m standing, standing strong

OOoh, I don’t need you anymore

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