Asking A Lot


When it's a week from hell,

And as tears start to swell,

It's almost impossible to calm down,

As in a teary river you start to drown.


Some talk to loved ones, parents, and such,

But for me, I can't rely on that crutch,

More times than not, they make things worse,

Their replies are mostly apathetic and terse.


So they think I'm asking for a lot,

That this battle should not be fought,

But I'm not asking for their money, just time

Just a paper signed, is that a crime?


They know my life's a horrible mess,

Like a pawn in someone's game of chess,

But really, I'm the one asking for a lot,

Well then let this be a thought.


Did it ever occur to you I'm still floating adrift,

Or are you that interested in widening the rift,

There's a reason I moved so far away,

Because I doubt I could survive one more day,

Trapped in the cage which became my life,

Because I cannot handle all this strife.



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