Enter the shadow self

In Native American mythology there is a belief that we all have

Another side to our essence referred to as the shadow self which

Commands our attention to those things that we try to resist dealing With, regardless, it is always there and seeks some way to make it's presence known.

Pass the gates into your subconscious

And you have entered the graveyard

Of suppressed memories

Welcome to the cemetery

Where in every self imposed quarry

Resides disregarded memories

But these slumbering skeletons

Are about to be awakened............

The grey cloaked caretaker

Of this premises observes

The inscriptions on each tombstone

Guilt, Shame, Anger, Fear

Enter the Shadow Shelf

Your shroud of secrets

Cannot be contained forever

For each smile the shadow

Remembers every grimace

Good deeds do not always

Exsponge the malevolent ones

In the corner of your eye

The mockdignant image

Spiraling about the wall

Must be no more than

An over active mind at play

Or is it?

Pale hardened hands are protruding

Through the soil, the shadow has warned you

That no issue will go unresolved

Sooner or later only the truth

Will ultimately set forth liberation

The sheets are saturated in sweat

As you apprehensively peer through

Into the darkness, from somewhere

Awaits the presence of the other self

The skeletons are running rampid

The moonlight is cascading downward

To illuminate the buriel grounds

Where the skeletons are now dancing to and fro

Pass the scarlet hats and silken capes

Label this bad luck, call it karma swear at the universe

The shadow demands attention or continue to live

In utter folly and realize that akin to a circle

You will continually end only at the begining

Until that time, the shadow watches

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The shadows observes, there is no escape from ourselves.

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