Issiah's Golden Coins

While fixating over our mundane existence

Somewhere across the world

An innocent child swept into the storm

Of poverty also wanders

They surmise what another day

Of survival will be like

Issiah is one such speculator

As you savor the nourishment

Presented to appease the tastebuds

Mounted upon a sterling fork

Allow yourself to imagine

The bitter aftertaste that is derived

From an aluminum can?

While sifting amongst papers

And garments seeking misplaced

Faces of presidents and change

It is Issiah who scours

The sand and dirt ever faithful

Of obtaining man's disregarded coins

For to Issiah these pennies are priceless

These golden coins are a matter of

Life or near death in routine living

What is disregarded by some

Is a blessing to yet another

Enveloped in the sanctity and security

Of your fine sheets

Will you permit yourself the feeling

Of being covered in sack cloth?

The bed is welcomming

As the ground is inviting

To those who like the penny

Have been tossed aside

Have you ever considered

Amid the quest of the abandoned

May lie the next world leader

A teacher to influence a new generation

Or one who may save others

From the path of starvation

Issiah has the power to heal the children

Yet who will offer to lead this potential pathfinder?

Everyone has dreams

Issiah is no exception

So he will continue to gather

His shiny coins of hope

While his heart remains open

How about yours?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some may chose to look the opposite direction when it comes to the idea of world hunger.  Unfortunately, for thousands of children such as Issiah who are born into poverty they are left with no choice but to accept this as a daily reality.

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