Sea of the unknown

The tranquility of the sun's rays eminating

Across an uncharted mouth of water

Shows no signs of mercy

Yet serves as a mere tatalization

Of what is alarmingly out of grasp

For you have just awakened

Only to discover yourself lost

Within the expanse of a turbulent sea

Life is going to plummet you into an ocean

Which functions all together by it's own decrees

Your lattitude dubiously alters to it's longitude

As the currents vice like intensity

Aimelessly carries you far from

The secure path in which one

Believes they were going to venture

The higher you reach,

The further you shall sink

The raging sea shall only persist the more we resist

Upon  this revelation  I surrender to the tide

For you can only flow, or tangle against the inevitable

Awestruck I observe others

Who have mastered how to swim

We are ever fearful of being immersed

Into an unknown sea throughout life

However  we somehow manage to stay afloat

So take each other hand in hand

Compassion with understanding

At present, our destination lies unforseen

Yet within the distance land pervails

There a new plan initiates

And so...............

We begin to swim..............................................

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are all hear together on this journey through life.

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