The laughing prison

So are we not to challenge yet only accept

The endless conditioning society bestows

Upon it's sincerest minds?

Behold the fountains of creative life

And soon one will discover

All beings were comprised

From within this universal print

The master plan was never

Man against fellow man

IGNORANCE, is the reigning evil

The more we sacrifice our unity

So does immorality increase in supremacy

To all those sheilded from the truth

Their own descent from the prime creator

Shall they unknowingly achieve

IGNORANCE is not a state of bliss

But a tragic seperation from

The universal design of brotherhood

The malevolent force grows stronger everyday

As we grin and persecute others

We slowly laugh ourselves into a prison

One from which IGNORANCE gratefully

Conceals the keys of love and acceptance

Together, people can disipate these bonds

And diminsh this expanding presence of evil

Eagerly observing mankinds descent,

For it's rule here relies upon us

Love preceeds the truth

Understanding necessitates compassion

Fear unleashes hatred

Lack of vision leads to enslavement

So, who will march victorious in the conquest for love

And who shall remain shackled with IGNORANCE

In the laughing prison forever?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the real evils in the world is ignorance, however it's power relies on us.

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