Becomming the butterfly

Since the begining of time

Humankind have been plagued

By one eternal  question

Why are we here?

Philosophers, teachers, and wise man

Have extensively probed this enigma

Many have sought answers through religion

Or amongst numerous literary works comprised

Man looks for a divine God

From the depths of the oceans

To the zenith of the mountain tops

Or the loftiness of the clouds above

Some continue to seek, others however have

Discovered the most rewarding search

Is the internal journey inward, not outward...

What lies within is our connection

To a vast universal power

Waiting to be tapped into,

It is God's ultimate medium

The free flowing power of Love

When we are uninhibited to explore this wonder

Then may we comprehend that each one of us

Have our own unique purpose here

And how we align with the greater blueprint

Of humanity in this world

Once we unearth what is inside

So shall we find the unity

Amid the mountain top

And what lies upon the oceans apex

There is a reason why the earthbound

Tree's branches stretch towards the sky

Everyday, we will come closer to soaring

And becomming the Butterfly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Searching for our connection to god internally as opposed to externally.

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