The sharpening of the sword

Your day is fast approaching

With every deceitful lie

My sword of truth sharpens

All the manipulation you have employed

Has only allowed this blade to glimmer

Even more so

My devotion to the truth

Has given birth to a sword

That allows no tolerance for deception

Do you hear my weapon sharpening?

Upon the sound of truth in your ears

All those cunning smiles shall be abolished

The smugness if victory through deceit

Shall fly asunder as you gaze upon this blade

Of undying truth throughout years of treachery

Deep within yourself resides an uneasiness

An ever growing fear for that moment

When all your malevolent works

Shall be brought to light

Are you prepared for the battle?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a brief introduction I used for the poem the trenchant sword of truth.

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