Kneel to your conscience

Tonight, your conscience comes calling

Last November comes knocking


It’s just turned two

All alone in your bed, except your conscience and you

Time to deal with the shame

You have no one to blame

Because at night

The mind takes flight

No place to hide

Nowhere to seek refuge


Time to dwell on the selfish needs

That causes you to do those dirty deeds

To all that have been taunted

It’s time to be haunted

Nobody thinks you’ll ever pay

For all the nasty things you say

Never caring, about the lives in need of repair

After the damage you’ve done

But what’s hidden from others

Now comes to light

The silence around you is gripping

As the darkness is piercing


At night

The mind takes flight

No time to heal

To your conscience it’s time to kneel

So now you’ll remember

What you did last November

No escape from yourself

                            As you pray for daylight…………………..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In some form or another all the deeds we do finds its way back to us

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