Dark November

I was left unemployed and penniless

As a result of vicious rumors

Circulating about the work place

Based on mere lies over drug abuse

They claim it was attendance

I know better, so do you

Now, a once promising and bright career

Has become an unforeseen dark spiral

The obstacle has been removed

Enjoy the promotion that should

Have been mine

How can you show no remorse?

November 12,

Three years of matrimonial bliss

Suddenly came crashing down around me

When approached by an enraged spouse

Casting accusations of infidelity

Try as I will,

The name was withheld as to where this knowledge

Was acquired, but I shall always know

The originator being you

My whole world shattered

As if numerous slithers of broken glass

Came toppling down upon me

Slicing and piercing every inch of

Of my heart and soul

And with the withering of every              

Blissful memory, each cloud now

Has been cloaked in a morbid shade of black,

A warm bottle of whiskey had become my confidant

And temporary solace on lonely nights

While I fantasize over exacting

Some form of retribution down upon you

Well, enjoy my ex-wife since you thirsted after her

For so long, I wonder, how someone could

Have no conscience whatsoever?

November 23,

You had to be number one

In father’s eyes at all times

So, you had to tell him that his

Oldest daughter has a girlfriend

Not that there is anything

Wrong with that, just dad’s old school ways

Why did you have to betray my trust?

Will you stop at nothing to obtain what you want?

November 27,

Three different people

Tragically wounded by someone whom

Shows no mercy, as well as no regrets, true I am not

A vindictive person at heart, but is there no penance

For this shallow unfeeling individual?

(This piece of writing is an intro leading into the poem

Kneel to your conscience)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An intro to add clarity to a poem I wrote entitled Kneel to your conscience.

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