Story of the forgotten statue (the unfufilled heart)

Just as we experience the physiological need for food, water, and rest, so is the need to love and be loved.  However, after suffering  through too many failed attempts one may began to wander if we are not being punished for needing something which is only normal...

Life remains excruciatingly steadfast

As a state of impassiveness

Overshadows my everyday senses

While observing the surrendering

Of the seasons to one another

In response to the earth's call

The vacancy within has become

An occupancy of the unfufilled heart

Through time I have evolved

Into an inconspicuous statue

Immersed in poisoinous vines

Standing silently, helplessly,

Beholding life itself proceed

The way in which the movie patron

Views the theatre screen from afar

Sunlight is potentially soothing

Upon this worn marble shell

Yet sorrow has manifested

A cold deflective shield

These vines are faded and brittle

In this film there appears

No guarantee of a joyous ending

Water quenches a parched tongue

The famished man will indulge

An infant weeps for recognition

All things essential to the human experience

So why am I to be punished

For seeking what is only natural?

Is solitude destined to be

My eternal companion?

Venturing across an endless maze

I have sought after affection

Optimistic upon every turn,

Each direction introduces

Another dark wall aligned with thorns

Whose roses have fled

A weary man will slumber

The moon emerges anew

Animals await their master

Thunder preceeds the lightning

We percieve these as normal

So is the need to be loved

Still I will not succumb to my surroundings

The human heart beats in reminder of hope

Shells are breakable

Someday the chisel will arrive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When one continually seeks aaffection only to meet a dead end, they may feel as if they are being punished for needing something that is only normal.

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