Father, Mother, Destiny

I forgive you mother and father

For your mistakes

Will I be forgiven for mine?

They say the sins of the parents

Shall be visited upon the children

So they have visited

And I embraced them

In times of uncertainty

And fled from them in

Moments of clarity

Surely as the stone goes rolling

Down a steep slope

I too have fallen

And crashed on bottom

Only to brush myself off

To attempt another perilous climb

A venture to the top

Where I truly believed

Love and safety could be found

In a parents embrace

Destiny however has another plan

Because I continued to ignore

What the universe had in store

So I climbed

And so I fell

    Perhaps it was my own pain

That kept me trying in vain

For I could not foresee

That you suffered as well

How could you offer something

That you were never given

In the first place?


Fixate over what cannot be changed

Bang your fists on stone

It is your hands that will ultimately bruise

Scream to the moon

Yell to the stars

Until your voice weakens

Drink yourself into oblivion

To suffer a sobering reality

You see,

I have become a spiritual warrior

Amid a world full of harsh realities

And self serving persons

I have allowed myself

The water for my flowers

Love can still be ascertained

The outside is cold

But the inside is warm

And in here

I found what lie dormant

Waiting to spring forth

Now the inevitable time has arrived

To put the burning question to rest

What would life have been like with you?

The universe clearly has another design


Perhaps in the next life

On another world

In some other time

There will be a new plan

In the meantime

Let go and stop ascending

An unattainable hill

From which you will fall

Yes, the pain will still survive

But it is love for myself

That gives me the strength

To be alive

So I forgive you mother and father

For your mistakes

Forgive me for mine……………………

Author's Notes/Comments: 

With acceptance preceeds liberation, we must forgive and let go in order to move onward.

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