Mountains will not move

This perilous tug of war must cease

My hands are burnt and weary

From grasping a rope

That must be relinquished

I have attempted to supersede

An immovable mountain

My back has begun to ache

This realization is eminent

No longer can I try to change

Truly what is out of range

For I have clung desperately

To an illusion for which

There is no chance of being a reality

You are molded into a wax

Initiated by personal fears

From which you will not depart

I extended my deepest aspirations out to you

Upon a fine silver platter

Only to receive an untouched plate

Your eyes are closed

To a narrow mind which is

Unable to contain a bothered spirit

Overly consumed with self-loathing


There was a brief moment

I witnessed the door slightly ajar

So did you

Abruptly it slammed violently shut


So much time has elapsed

Too many heartbreaking efforts

Nonetheless, I do not accept defeat

Instead, an invaluable lesson is earned

I can not change some one else

Only myself for the better


A butterfly is suddenly born

As a breath of fresh air soars within

Charred hands will now start to heal

As the pain begins to peel

If a mountain will not move

Then stop attempting what was all ready inevitable

By realizing what can be changed

Their feet remain grounded in the cement

While mine, stand at the start of a new journey

With this new train of thought

I can all ready see the grey clouds have been lifted

And the weight from my heart and mind as well

What once kept me blinded

Has become crystal clear

You can’t change someone else

Only yourself, so move onward………………

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can't change someone else. only yourself.

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