Eyes of the Lynx

In Native American mythology

The species of feline named Lynx symbolizes

The ability to see clearly, as well as being

The knower of secrets, in terms of what

We hide from ourselves as well as others

I did not ask for this gift

Nonetheless, it is ever present

Sometimes, I strive to imagine

Having a blind eye for the

Things that I truly see

And owning a deaf ear

Towards what is really heard

Having known many people in this life’s ventures

Associates sometimes become distant strangers

And strangers become close confidants

For to see what is hidden from others

Is to observe what is unseen by many

To know that which we attempt to conceal

From ourselves, is to look through the eyes of the Lynx


Do these eyes pierce you?

Or do they intrigue you

Perhaps both at the same time

I didn’t mean to make you shudder

While that smug tone of voice began to stutter

As you became aware of the pensive

Stare, that unintentionally seeps right

Through to the core, those false masks

So neatly worn, cringes upon the prospect

Of those interior thoughts exposed on the exterior


                                         Go ahead,

Condemn the wealthy woman

Across the room in the corner

                        But, did I detect a note of envy?

Laugh at the alcoholic as he

Guzzles down his fluid of intoxication

However, wipe the saliva from your mouth

Persecute the two women

As they sit arm in arm

Was that a sense of fascination I perceive?

                     For now, I too will wear my mask

One of innocence and vulnerability

                       And saunter about the room quietly

For if only they knew eyes like a Lynx

An unwanted gift?

Or under appreciated blessing?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Native American Mythology a Lynx symbolizes that which is secluded but also one who sees things that others attempt to conceal from themselves as well as those around them.

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