This crooked family tree

As I stand here gazing upon

A row of trees nearing their demise

My mind is overcome by a barrage

Of paralyzing truths

That has contaminated my spirit

Like a river transposing itself

Into an infested swamp

Nonetheless, the sight before me

Whispers to my imagination

This family tree is crooked:

What compels ones sister

To seduce another ones husband?

Just yesterday they were sharing

Clothes and make-up

Today, they share the same lover

The tree has become withered:

Susie flees from home again

While uncle Jake is far too under

The chains of influence to notice

I thought children came first

Then addiction second

That tree has shaded to grey:

Tony searches for drug money

While aunt Sarah is on the prowl

For a new husband at

The corner tavern again

However, I did not realize

New uncles were so easy to find

The branches are twisted:

Mommy never kissed Santa Claus

On Christmas Eve night,

Instead, Aunt Sharon was kissing

Her husband’s brother under the mistletoe

After everyone went to sleep or so they thought,

An old song takes on a new meaning

All the leaves have fallen:

Great grandmother loved reciting

Stories of the family history

It is now that I understand why,

She left some tales untold

So I wonder,

Who planted these trees?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A comedic but yet all too true portrait of some families.

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