The Gift of Words

How does an old soul express oneself?

Pass down to others their experiences and heartaches

As well as the conquering of all tribulations

In what manner shall I share my life’s ventures?

For I have climbed the highest mountain of emotions

To topple aimlessly to the cold barren ground below

Time, and time again

However, my spirit holds no space for bitterness

I have stood at the summit of the valley of

Hopes and illusions, my trenchant sword

Of truth, poised in hand to battle the vile

Faces that glimmer with manipulation

And their blade pierces of deception

Yet being the victorious, I walk away ever so humble


How shall I be remembered?

I have spit in the face of conformity

And bathed in the essence of rebelliousness

For me and persecution are no distant strangers

At a vulnerable time in life, images of happiness

Were clung to in desperation

But the swift smack of reality across the cheek

Still burns my face to this day

A raging dragon once showed me many appeasing sights

And said decide unto you what is purely evil

A silken white swan appeared through the flames

And she endowed upon me many visions

Saying allow your own spirit to interpret

What is truly wholesome and good

Outside these dual forces spiral about

Inside the silence of the soul

It shall be known which is true and what is false

After the persona of this life has turned

To ashes and to dust, gaze into the liberation

Of the vast expanse of the sky, feel the wind stir

And listen to me whisper inspiration through the

Soothing calm flow of the breeze, for I have said before

When the reaper comes knocking, it is to the sky I will

Remain in eternal union with

How shall I be remembered?

At times the phrase nobody knows me

Has been branded upon my conscience,

Possessing the golden chest of knowledge

From experience has taught me how to cope

How may these things be told

With the finest present of all

Requiring no price tag, it is the offering

Of my words for they are truly the best

Gift that I have to offer……………………………………………………

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