Father's Voice

Don't take what you have for granted

I found myself sitting in a park

One evening approaching dark

While observing a retiring sun

Slowly slipping into the horizon

My thoughts began to wander

Over a dad that was never had

When I heard a child's father raise a voice to his son

My thoughts suddenly went asunder

The little boy frowned

As these words I found

Young man, if only you knew

I would give up a year

To be able to hear

My father's voice

For you have experienced

What some can only imagine

So don't be sad

Go to bed glad

Sleep warm and know

There is safety all around

Wake up tomorrow grateful

Look at your father and smile

Know that nothing

Can compare to or measure to him

He is a pillar of safety and refuge

For you, that man would lay down his life

So just know when you are grown

Sitting in a park one day like me

Look back on what forever you'll own

A priceless experience

Oh little boy,

How I long to tell you these things

Don't take what you have for granted

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflecting upon life with the abscence of the father figure.

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