The spider spun inspiration

Can words describe how I feel?

Do words have the power to heal?

With this enigma in mind

I find myself peering deep into the composition

Of a spider’s silky woven web

A wholly intricate design

Suddenly I realize this is a sign

The arachnid has spun

Its lavishly proficient symbol

A perfect metaphor

The web of words available

To tap into and utilize

For personal self expression

Like the spider

I too can spin my own lines

Revolve thoughts into words

Giving birth to my glistening web

Upon this sudden revelation

I pick up pen and paper

Open heart and mind

And allow my spirit to speak

The answer to my question is:

Words can describe how I feel

And they do have the power to heal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In native American Myhtology the spider has much symbolism, in particular the ancient art of writing.

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