Beyong logic Another reality

Through the piercing silence of the night

Echoes the soul grasping sound

Of the ethereal howling of a pack of wolves

Their song is carried across the air

Over the tree tops to a place of forever

The full moon glows an aura of wonderment

Wolves wail to this celestial body in honor of it

Metaphorically, they are attempting to connect

With ideas that lie dormant in the subconscious

Just below the surface

Like undisturbed stones that nestle comfortably

In the sand upon the apex of a smooth flowing river

Always there but obstructed from view

What secrets reside within us

Waiting to be discovered?

For it is in sleep the unconscious whispers to us,

Shall we lie quietly and listen?

If you don’t cross the bridge

You will never know what’s on the other side

So, if we were not meant to eat

There would be no hunger

Therefore the subconscious must serve a purpose

Who says that logic is the only reality?

I have awakened, to feast my eyes

Upon a gigantic sphinx

Silently it observes me and smirks

A sly, cunning smile masking

Its many mysteries and knowledge

What secrets will be revealed

To me on this night if I listen?

A vast bonfire blazes, and as it cackles

The flames reach above to the star filled sky

Surrounded by spectators, I see a fox, and a coyote

As a glimmering golden hawk accompanied by

A mystical red phoenix encircle the sight, uttering

Words of wisdom, which spread over the ocean of

Canyons creating an echo in which the mountains

Respond in unison, surely there is a message here

Each brilliant star suddenly transposes itself into lines

Of letters, I gaze in awe at the wondrous words

Glittering like silver beads stretching the expanse of

The universe, all unfamiliar, yet tantalizing, languages

From ages ago, no longer spoken, however readily co-existing

Along side modern speech and thought, what may I learn

If I were to study these ancient gems of communication?


I am ready to fly with the essence of the night

Begin a quest into another realm

Of human awareness

Seeking out words and ideas

To bring back

For it is here that thoughts originate

A journey into the other side of myself

Where logic has no relevance

And imagination has no limitations

As the pirate who prepares to unearth

A buried treasure

Okay kill the lights

Close your eyes

Prepare for take-off

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Exploring the subconscious and that which is hidden yet present.

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