If they could see your soul

Late within a certain night,

Reflections of a friendship gone astray,

Spiral above my thoughts as I readily ponder

What should be said if I were to speak

One last time to you my old friend

For unlike you, my eyes are not blinded

Nor are they binded by false illusions

Of money and all its endless glories

I see the picture without any delusions

Of grandeur, so very sad

Once, you were a close friend of mine

Now seduced by the allure of money’s promises

Like a rich wine

Ben Franklin is now your best buddy


Loneliness is your newest companion

And self-loathing is a constant reminder

Of the things once had

So, have you any piece of mind you’d like to buy?

Is there any misery you need to sell?

                Sensations of being better than everyone

Causes self-gloating, but does Andrew Jackson

Smile back at you in agreement, or is it sympathy?

Does all of Abe Lincoln’s reassurances

Fill the void of emptiness slowly burning away inside,

So, have you any happiness you’d like to buy?

Is there any sorrow you need to sell?

               Now, you bow down to the green god

And in your prayers, what price will

Be the heal all for life’s journeys

One thousand,

Ten thousand,

                       I see the matter for what it is

Within time, perhaps those false visions

Of sun driven fields of prosperity

Shall be overlapped by dark clouds

And drenched by the fierce rain of reality

Then you will decide,

Which is the greater of two evils?

What having money turns you into

Or the things sacrificed for its attainment?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all those who know too weel the tragedy and sorrow of war.

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