The Judging of Dreams

Some people are judged by the deeds

That they have done, some refer to this

As a universal law called karma

While the Egyptians believed a man's

Salvation or damnation relied solely

On the weighing of one's heart against

The goddess Maat's feather of truth

In Christianity, a mortals eternal judgment

May be administered upon his soul by

An all powerful God deciding whether

He shall pass through the gates of heaven

Or the fiery abyss of hell

Society assigns individuals

Their status based on money

Or occupation, while the magazines seem

To be saying it is your physical attributes

That we are to be admired or shunned for

So many ways to be held accountable

For our mistakes or our success is their not?


What if we were judged by our faith and dreams?

Not everyone possesses the means

To unlimited finances or striking features

All though we can imagine

Because hope still abounds

Some will fantasize over wealth

And the luxury it entails

While others long for popularity

Or erotic sexual desires

I wish for the cessation of world hunger

And the spreading of peace and human awareness

Despite not having all the sufficient means

To make this a thorough reality

Nonetheless, it is my dream

So, how will I be judged?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So many ways to be judged by society, a fresh point of view.

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