Just Write!!!

Just as you drive a car

From points A to B

Words are a vehicle

In which thoughts and feelings

Are conveyed to the reader

Envision a jigsaw puzzle together

In the beginning all pieces are present

Yet, totally disarrayed

Through patience and persistence

Eventually, all parts will form the desired finish


But where will these words be derived?

Within the subconscious, lies a playground

Of creativity to be tapped into

When we least expect it

Our most inspiring thoughts may

Spring forth commanding attention

Above all keep faith in yourself

Know that if is meant to be

It shall be

Never put off tomorrow

What should be done now

Do not allow creativity to pass

And beware of those who attempt

To hinder your artistic outlet

For that would be the same

As denying a spirit a body

A gift is given for a reason

If the sun, ocean, or cup of coffee

Gives you inspiration, set it in motion

Besides that coffee poem or story

May turn out to be you best work yet

Just Write! ! !

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