The trenchant sword of truth


Think you have won


It's just begun

Launch a barrage of vicious lies

To tax the heart and mind

Behold through muddy rivers

Flows crystals waters

Pivot a man's most enduring friend

Into his newfangled enemy

Amid stormy clouds

Seeps rays of sunlight

Devour someone's dreams

And diminish their hopes

Underneath the rust

Lies unmarred gold

How do I perceive these things?

Because I possess the truth

And today it will strike you down

Like a fine trenchant sword

You will hear my every word


    Surrounded by darkness at all angles

Form within radiates the light of truth

Decimate the body

The soul remains untainted

Lost in a maze of deception

I will allow truth to guide me to an exit

In the midst of a nightmare

I envision a dream

The truth allows me to foresee these things

The one thing

That will never be taken from me

This is forever unbending

As a mountain is immovable

So I shall carry my sword

As you continue to embrace self-deception

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