Rugged Man

So it has been said

To live the life of a man

Is to show no feeling

But I pose these questions

Who has said this?

For with this person

I wish to converse

And where is it written?

Guide me in that direction

Across the expanse of time

Man has endured his many roles:

Hunters on the prairies

Devoted disciples to their messiahs

Fighting gladiators in Roman arenas

Mighty pharaohs adorned and worshiped

Protectors of the home

Victors on the battlefield

Cowboys during the Wild West

Bikers in the desert terrain

We have filled our assigned duties

But somewhere along the way

In the evolution of man

Some translations have went astray…………………………..


Come closer……………………………………………….


And hear a man breeaatthh

Place your head upon my chest

Listen to this heart thummppp

Slice my skin

Watch the blood slowly oozzzeee

Burden my back

And surely it will snaaapp

Give me a chance and you will see

I have muscles

But a heart as well

Man is not made of stone

Only of flesh and of blood

I will wrap my arms around you

To provide safety and warmth

Where will I turn in time of need

And never, never, let them see you cry

Remember, to gaze upon a rugged man

Is to see the hair on his face

And a will that won’t die

But consider for a moment,

Seeing beyond what you have

Been conditioned to see

Look past the exterior

Into the depths of his soul

You will see what I see

So, I ask again

Who said that a man

Has no feeling?

Where is it written?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't belive everything you've heard about men.

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