That Haunting Lavender parts 1 and 2

Sebastian is gone

The spirit of Alexandra is still there

Her haunting aroma of lavender

Lingers through the dark silent rooms

The couple did not know

What they were in for

When they rented

The old apartment on the west side

Sharon noticed first

Shadows that hovered in corners

Noises came from nowhere

And a pungent scent of lavender

Pervaded the air

Sebastian stayed busy painting

An aspiring artist

His goal-to produce a masterpiece

The apparition watched silently

Amid the shadows

As he worked endless hours

Executing his vision through sight

The young painter could feel a subtle presence

And an intoxicating scent of lavender

Found its way into his senses

Tensions flared between Sharon and the specter

More baffling noises

Restless night filled with unsettling dreams

A pale face appears on the television screen

Her favorite bookshelf suddenly collapses

Incessant scratching on the walls

Causing arm hair to stand erect

A rival in spirit form was ever present

Someone had to go

And it just so happened upon one day

Sharon was out shopping

While Sebastian performed

A routine morning shower

Warm water gushed over his face

As erotic visions of the red haired phantom

Slowly merged into his secrets thoughts

The young artist began to gratify himself sexually

Until every muscle in his being

Rapidly tensed to the point

Of a paralyzing orgasm

Hot pulsating water thundered

Down his spine, as that haunting scent of lavender

Evaded the elated man's senses once again


Yes, he knew she was watching


Six months later,

Sharon and Sebastian parted ways

The portrait sold to the highest bidder

This in turn led to:

Brand new house

The expensive car

A sure promising career

With a fresh perspective on life

And a pack of unopened lavender incense

That has never been lit

The drawing itself being

Of a bewitching young girl

Surrounded by a field of purple flowers

And the picture was entitled, That haunting lavender

There always remained that desire

To revert back to the place

Where the smell of lavender once captivated him

If only for one time

He had to see that house again……………..

Wintertime now,

The young artist found himself

Passing through old familiar territory

On a brisk Tuesday afternoon

Sebastian gazed up to a window

In a still vacant apartment

Where it all began

Flakes of snow ascended down

Landing on his hair and face

                            That haunting lavender

Would never be forgotten

He could feel her peering out

Through the bedroom window

The apparition wandered when Sebastian return



You can't help when passing that old apartment building

On the corner of Franklin and Rose avenue but to stop

And stare and at the same time, to tremble a bit in reaction

To feeling the eerie sensation the structure so readily

Radiates, many have wandered about its past, and what

Hideous secrets lie within…………………..

It was snowing exceedingly heavy

On that fateful day

The newlyweds moved

Into their first home

A place where Alexandra

Believed dreams would flourish

However, the coldness of that day

Along with the cloudy overcast

Due to the vicious snowstorm

Was an undetected omen

Gone unnoticed by the new wife

But she should have foreseen it

Funny how love can blind you

Indeed in the beginning

The first few months proved blissful

Darren her husband

Worked diligently on their business

The selling of exquisite gems

And fine scented perfumes

Alexandra busied herself

Painting beautiful portraits

Of places she longed to see one day

When finances were more lucrative

But, the foreboding sensation of loneliness

That echoed about the air

Continued to remain unacknowledged

A good devout wife

Darren showered her with gifts

Especially bottles of fine expensive lavender

Even that ominous air of perpetual solitude

And cold hovering around was easily disregarded


One snowy eve

She found herself alone

At the dinner table

Her portraits on the wall behind

Began to mock her

As she could feel them

Attempting to speak and convey some sinister


The following night while lying in bed

She drifted into dreamland

The aroma of lavender

Permeated her sinuses

Upon waking, she felt very cold

A sound from the dining room

Drew the newlyweds' attention

Darren held a bottle of perfume

He was apologizing a loud

For slowly administering poison

Into your perfume

But, I needed the money

Now you are dead

Alexandra watched enraged

As he removed her art work

Off to a dealer for a sale

To resurrect the business

His wife had to die

For he knew she would never

Part ways with these pieces

Rip his hair out!

Claw away at his eyes! !

Tear his very heart from his icy chest! ! !

But all the ghost could do

Was to stand by helplessly

And observe this horrific moment

Silently, so silently

She had been so cheated

Only twenty two years of age

How could life be so merciless?

And she vowed

Someday, revenge would be hers………..................


Darren lies in bed one night

Staring into the darkness

At the remaining picture

Of a field encompassed with lavenders

The room suddenly grew icy cold

The smell of lavender

Etched its way through the atmosphere

And the ghastly pale face of the deceased

Became visible in the field of blossoming flowers

Her violet eyes burning with anger

The panic stricken man groped for a light

The storm had affected the power

Hence leaving the entire residence

In a gripping darkness

Frantically, dressed in night time attire

The murderer fled for the stairway

The pungent scent of lavender

Became asphyxiating while in a frenzy

To escape the apparition who came to collect

In is haste a step was missed

He went spiraling head first down

The worn old steps to meet his grisly end

Silence ensued the halls

And traveled through the walls

That familiar sensation of loneliness

Returned to occupy the now vacant apartment……………..


Years will pass

Families would come and go

Boys grew into men

And girls into woman

Seasons would change

As Alexandra quietly roamed

The rooms of her castle of dreams

Now a dungeon of gloom

Silently biding her time

Waiting for the day

A handsome young man would arrive

    To take up residence

In the summer of two-thousand six

Newlyweds Sebastian and Sharon

Moved into the old dank apartment

The phantom watched

As they approached, somewhat

Looking the same way her and Darren had looked

On their first arrival

The man was a stunning image

Of what her unhappy spirit

Had been so longing for

All these reclusive years

She observed him set up an office

In what was once her bedroom

She would remain in the darkness

Of the shadows for now

When the time was right

She would flood the halls

With the scent of that haunting lavender

His wife did not stand a chance

Because one day Alexandra would claim him

He dipped his brush in paint and began

       To draw his picture………………………………………….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A ghost story in poem form told in two parts, also taken from real events.

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