Wouldn't you like to see me burn?

In the innocence of our begining

We exacted the design for a solid union

Two individuals avidly prepared

To embark on a glorious journey

One of loving and learning from each other

As a duo we would tackle the enigma of life

But then..................

Somewhere along the path

Something became tragically distorted

The ride began to shake

And your personal hang-ups

Triumphaned over your heart and mind

Now, the affectionate shoulder to lean on

And the sympathetic ear as well the largest

Stone from our foundation have all crumbled

The outline of the ideal destiny has become blurred

The heart wrenching revelation came around

On that fateful day when you chose to use

Your soul mate as a personal trash can

In which to release all insecurities

Flames of anger radiate from within

Am I now nothing more than a candle

Whose wax you selfishly desire to mold

And reshape in the image of despair at will?

How better than to harm those once cherished

Wouldn't you like to see me burn?

Slowly dissolve into a useless pool of defeat

As your self-esteem has been abruptly

Snuffed out like that of a flame?

I have accepted it is what is

So, Your treachorous descent will be solo

The passenger has departed

As you destructively manuever

Down a dead end street

Gaze upon a vacant bed at night

As I have beheld the void in your soul

The pots and pans have grown cold

Not unlike that of a tainted heart

The emotional safety net has snapped

Maps can be re-routed

But your candle will no longer ignite

Guess who you have to blame?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes in a state of unhappiness some try to inflict upon us their feelings of unfufillment.

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