woodsmen's tale

Dozens of yellow flowers,

  All naively arranged in her wedding crown,

  As beneath the greek fountain showers

  Dazzling, she stood in her silver gown.

  Thence for the first time I came to know,

  That magic fairies in lieu to the tales,

  Upon earth descend in ermine robes,

  And at times in winter hails.

An uncle to the groom,

  To me was more a relation to the deeds,

  But the least a threat in loom,

  Was by far in their hearts takes heed.

  A dale to the dance,

  In hands that held the shining stars,

  To me was all but worth the chance,

  Though a nail of incest that fight the wars.

If only death could bring,

  Death to the men whence haggled with time,

  As instead he chose upon us to ring,

  The rhyme to their ears in church bells chime.

  If fate that is with compassion he fils,

  The hearts of the men upon chesterfield,

  As though she was in the chestnut hills,

  A fairy that consigns, every headless she healed .

To a krona the damsel bribes,

  Followed upon the path leads me to the bride,

  Through the window cast her feminine vibes,

  Vexed, not a slough upon her to hide,

  Slurred, she gazed into the winter snow,

  In a moments pause that flickered the light,

  I held her close, her slyness to the brow.

  As though bewitched, she muffled the winter night.

Early by the dawn, as the night prowled,

  mortaged upon the castle doors,

  Upon a thousand horses, we drifted into the lands of fawn ,

  And incested again to the sin of gods,

  By day and night, then with prudent haste,

  And a magic wand, she ran to the woods perfect,

  Though she pilloried me to the woodman's taste,

  To the stone of death thus hung the effect.

Dozens of yellow flowers,

  Lay withered upon her wedding crown, as above

  the dazzling moonlit winter snow ,

  She drove away, casting the spell of her one

                                   night love.                

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate the most those whom i love the most...
therever hate is wherever love cease to be...

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