Untitled -- 10.4.2010

Growin up

I tried to do good

But always did bad

Embarrassed my mom

Angered my dad

If they only knew

Half the things I did

They wouldn't want me

As their child

But would still have to say

Yeah, that's my kid

I wasn't out drinkin every night

But I did try

About everything in sight

If not for my friends

I might've been fine

My parents, they tried

To keep me

Walkin the line

And would take me every Sunday

To church

To make me mind

But no matter how much it hurt

I didn't care

Kept doin my dirt

I've spent

A year and a half in repentence

Tryin to change my life

Gonna work the rest of my years

On a life sentence

Of makin up for all I've done

And do right by my wife

I wasn't raised no son of a preacher

But sure was a son of a gun

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