Untitled -- 10.4.2010

Pardon me

But you're no longer

A part of me

I don't feel the same

As I did back then

Ever since you

Started bein' untrue

Bein' with you

Seems a sin

Everything you've ever said

I now know was a lie

To get in my head

How could you do this to me

When I trusted you

Every time I tried to spend with you

That you always denied me

Was just an excuse

I'm walkin' away now

And tryin' to hold my head high

I don't know if I can

Cuz you were...

My whole life

Every moment that was to be

As I thought, one great memory

Turned out to be of no use

And it's killin' me

With no one to call, to love, to hold

And rememberin' so much abuse

But it's teachin' me

How bad things can be

And the only way I can be free

Is to set you loose

So if you come back to me

Remember that we'll never be

You had your chance

But I wasn't worth your time

And if it matters now to you

I never mattered,

And now neither do you

So never mind

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