I Believe in Love


God's voice sweeps alabaster mountains

Breezes caress the rolling verdant hills
I, a traveler,a wandering gypsy child,
 painting my canvas, a stream by purple orchids 
Visions dance like a refreshing rain 
Meadow lark,let her heart sing 
 Kaleidescope of color, 
Flower to flower 
Bees busy from one to next 
A fresh bouquet in my crystal vase
Garlands to wear in my hair 
Memories and photographs 
Contentment,peace like a river 
Leaves in placid waters swirl;
We sit hand in hand by a statue fountain,
 lights in our eyes 
With hope,love,comfort on a starry bright night, 
the mystical moon drawing us closer
 Romance is found in poetry and fiction,
but I believe in Love.
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