Love Poems



Rain through sunlight

Magnified in my eyes,

wonders to my soul

Splash in azure pools

Whirling dervish spin and dance

for a child,bewitched

B'twixt construed emotions

into one precious jewel of love.


I appreciate all things

Past and present converge

a stellar moment captured,

kaleidoscope colors merge.


Prisms arching over my valley,

fluid dances of sunbeams,

shimmer waves before my eyes.

Visions cast for eternity,

Island songs call me home.


Windward winds send showers,

partition of glimmer precipitation,

dazzling light caught in another rainbow.


As I listen to it pour love from the heavens

A symphonic delight transcends,

valley fired in hues of many colors.

Surrounding wonderment in my heart;

Kaleidoscope Colors!

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