Flamingo pink clouds ,sapphire mountains
lemon swept sky
Deeper into the inversions of my mind
Reality is this vivacious hum
Singing the blues
My prayer book of gold
Eyes watching the moon wane
Waves, lush tides to soothe a soul

Shall I ascend to the next level?
I only stopped to pause and reflect.
I remember sweet silken moments...
The sweetness of succulent wine
I passionately love you.
I believed in you.

It was so unexpected that you would leave.
And then I stayed too long in the valley of sorrow
Wondering what might've been.....
It drove me mad and sad almost to the point of no return.

I shall not carry this sorrow alone
Venus shines through the pines
Illustrated hope hangs on the cypress
Serenity like cryptic poetry.
Death is not romantic
Life soars above the planets
I have heard the voice of peace
 the stairs before me beckon me
To climb to the next level where the view
And fragrant red roses will delight my weary soul
You might even be there to dance with me one more time in the mystical mists of eternity.
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